Deliverable Description
Preparation of Pharmacoeconomic Studies, Health Technology Assessments (HTA) reports and HTA audit Once all the evidence to justify a decision is available, this broad spectrum of evidence must be condensed to form a concise and valid argument. Zem Solutions Ltd are specialists in transferring knowledge across regions to ensure a products value story resonates with key healthcare stakeholders.
Custom Big Data Analytics
  • Automated data collection, along side the digitisation of both medical literature and patient records have changed the face of medical science over the last 20 years, however the analysis of this data presents a unique set of privacy, security and knowledge challenges which often leave much to be desired.
  • Zem Solutions Ltd has been leading this field with successfully delivered projects and stakeholder education from the outset.
  • Deliverable Description
    Excel Model Preparation Historically, models are delivered in Microsoft Excel format, especially as many decision makers have such as a submission requirement. Zem Solutions Ltd utilise in house software to rapidly develop such models, which are then exported in MS Excel format for distribution. This minimises the development constraints and errors often present in models developed solely in Excel.
    Cost Effectiveness Model (CEA) – new or adaptation(s) Cost Effectiveness Models provide the basic economic argument to justify the use of pharmaceutical products. The most compelling arguments to justify their use come from the conclusions reached by such a model and the evidence used to back them up. Zem Solutions Ltd prides itself in building and adapting models to local contexts to drive stakeholder engagement and good decision making.
    Deliverable Description
    Customised Value Presentations A key principle of all work undertaken is the ability to reuse it in multiple ways. Zem Solutions Ltd has wide ranging experience developing engaging materials for use in conferences, marketing presentations and other meetings.
    Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) projects Zem Solutions Ltd has been involved with the development and the adaptation of DRG costing methodology of hospital services; Development and the adaptation of cost-effectiveness software tools, including specialized software, development of software solutions for cost monitoring within the hospitals and hospitals organisational units.
    Cost Localisations Unlike established markets, low and middle income countries typically suffer from a severe lack of believable cost and resource use data, often simple translations of costs are not enough to create strong and believable statements. Zem Solutions Ltd and its international network of experts ensure that resource use estimations match that seen in real life.
    Deliverable Description
    Preparation of Adboard Materials and expert workshops Adboards provide a vital means to engage and seek the opinion of key local opinion makers on key problems. Zem Solutions Ltd has an extensive network and experience in dealing with experts and opinion leaders, and producing materials and workshops which ensure their success.
    Hospital HTA Hospital Based HTA answers specific questions in a specific context and is a useful tool for decision makers in large hospitals. Zem Solutions Ltd now has extensive experience transitioning HTA principles into a hospital context.
    Real World Data Projects The ability to analyse Real World Evidence is a crucial step after the phase of collection Real World Evidence. Zem Solutions Ltd has pioneered the use and analysis of Real World Evidence, for use in a decision making context enabling clinicians to place numbers behind their experience, and drive good healthcare resource allocation.
    Deliverable Description
    Publications Zem Solutions Ltd has close ties with the University of Liverpool, and several other regional and international Universities. Publications can be recommended and delivered though these institutions to bridge any important gaps in evidence.
    Budget Impact Model (BIM) – new or adaptation(s) Budget Impact Models inform decision makers of the potential impact of any decision to utilise a pharmaceutical product. Sometimes decision makers may base their decisions solely on such models. This has led to them being presented with either outright dishonest or misleading models. Zem Solutions Ltd prefers an honest approach to healthcare decision making, and models should be presented in a believable and honest manner. When a decision could or will result in significant budget impact, we have been successful in providing strategies to address these difficulties.